Siva Kalyan Chintakana

Kubernetes Volumes

If you’re just getting started with Kubernetes, one of the concepts you need to understand is that of volumes and their different types. Volumes can be used for persistent data storage within

Kubectl: A Comprehensive Cheat Sheet

If you’re a Kubernetes administrator, developer, or DevOps engineer, kubectl is an indispensable tool in the command line. It allows you to manage your application deployments, view logs, access configuration files, etc.

What is minikube?

Run Kubernetes locally with minikube Kubernetes provides container orchestration software. It is a platform that automates the deployment and scaling of containerized applications and provides a solution to manage the distributed environment. Although

Kubernetes networking

After understanding the basic architecture of Kubernetes, the next step is to understand how Kubernetes networking works. Kubernetes specifies a set of guidelines for networking: 1. Every Pod in the cluster gets a